Wetafy for Mac

What is it?

Wetafy is a basic app that overrides icons for Microsoft Teams and/or HP RGS to bring this Weta feeling to your Work from Home setup.

NOTE: This is not an official Weta Digital app. It’s something I’ve made to keep my desktop tidy and have things work related more distinguishable.

This literally just overrides certain icon files in RGS and/or Teams apps and the functionality of those apps is not altered in any way.

If you have any questions please contact me directly on Teams, or post a comment below.

The New Look

Easier to find your Weta windows. Additionally splash screens and login screens are also wetafied.


  • Mac OS
  • Microsoft Teams installed (optional)
  • HP RGS installed (optional)


Download the App

1. Unzip "Wetafy.dmg.zip"

2. Run "Wetafy.dmg" Installer

3. Drag Wetafy to Applications folder

4. Run Wetafy app

4b. NOTE: Depending on your system settings you might get this pop-up saying that the app is not coming from the App Store. Simply go to your System Settings | Security & Privacy and hit Open Anyway - you will only have to do this once.

5. Confirm to Continue

6. Confirm with your password (This is required by Mac OS to override icons in your Applications folder) This is a native Mac OS prompt, not a pop-up from the Wetafy app so your password is safe.

7. Optionally Refresh your Dock to pick up all the icons (Recommended)

Keep it.

You will need to run it again when Microsoft Teams gets an official update and will upload the default icons again.

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