Introducing Nod for Maya

Nod saves time your code.

I have now released my open source project to the public. It is something I wanted to have for quite a while, as I was getting bored with repeatedly writing similar code to build different node networks.

In order to simply multiply, add, clamp… attributes, one has to type several lines of code. What might appear like a challenge for someone learning how to put things together in Maya using python, it is a complete waste of time for an experienced TD.

Using nod makes my scripting fun again, as it takes away all the boring bits. It leads to readable code that can be altered and modified instantly.

I’m also way quicker prototyping rigging setups by writing quick formulas than building and connecting nodes using visual Node Editor. And by the time I’ve got a working setup, I have most of my script also done. Win win.

If you like it and would like this to grow please support me here or here.

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