Rigs from the animation scene are grouped by asset type (characters / props / ships etc.)

Rigs can be unloaded, swapped with low res proxies. Allows animators to manage which rig is going to be cached on publishing.

Pirate Intarr’face

Project: Pirates

Studio: Aardman Animations

Rig control panel with built in asset manager


Rigs geometry is displayed in a non-distractive and consistent way for all asset types

Current rig preview

Actions can be performed on selected or grouped controls.

Actions include working on keyframes, pose resetting / mirroring / flipping as well as animation flipping and offsetting

Controls Actions

Animators can describe a problem with the current rig.

The note is automatically send to the support team along with full scene diagnostics.

Piranha (Pirate Rig Animators Hotline App)

Animators friendly channelBox with custom channel menu and layer editor.

Built-in channelBox and LayerEditor

Changing shape controls help to visualize the current face state.

Face tab with Face controls GUI


Project: Pirates

Studio: Aardman Animations

Intuitive animData element browser/editor with screenshots and playblast features.

Exporting animation is Non-Destructive, meaning any settings (like controls, control groups, frame range etc.) can be overridden at the importing stage.

Export mode

Clicking on an animData element lists all the rigs that animation was exported from.

Each rig’s animation can be easily mapped onto any rig from the scene.

A specific group of controls can be chosen (legs, arms, left arm, upper body etc.).

Import mode

As well as importing, animData is made for referencing in animation data. This way several scenes can share the same animation on whole assets or parts of the asset.

Below an animated rig with facial animation referenced in.

Referencing in animation

Icons are easily created via 3d viewport selective screenshots. Icons include assets selected in the rig browser only on a consistent gradient background

Icon creator

Multiple animData elements referenced in

Application supports playblasting exported anim as well as previewing existing anim / renders.


Pirate Grabber

Project: Pirates

Studio: Aardman Animations

Snapshot app to quickly create consistent posed thumbnails of all rig assets on the pipeline. Automatically stores them for pirate intarr’face tool.

Quality GuAard

Project: Pirates

Studio: Aardman Animations


Tool to create custom app’s for quality checking. Customized via human readable config file.

Dozens of checks implemented for models / rigs and animation scenes. Supports grouping and select / auto-problem-fix buttons.



Two display modes to save screen space when running checks on work in progress scenes.

Standard and Nano-mode

Pirate Puppet

Project: Pirates

Studio: Aardman Animations



Auto-Rigger for all VFX characters. Builds a custom Sphereton - a pre-skeleton character that allows to match the cg puppet structure with the physical stop-motion puppet armature. Sphereton can be converted to a maya skeleton and all parts of the rig can be set up instantly.

Toolset includes Transf’yer face application that allows character td’s to get all puppet mouth shapes sculpted at RP (Rapid Prototyping) department and transfer them smoothly to VFX puppets with different head topologies.